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Our Spa Treatments

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Swedish Aroma Hot Oil Massage

Have you heard of hot oil Abhyanga treatment? This service is combining Swedish massaging skills and Abhyanga hot oil treatment. A hot oil massage or Abhyanga treatment is involving specially formulated warmed herbal oils, is said to be the ultimate way to restore balance and completely. It relaxes the body and mind, improves muscle tone, triggers the creative mind, prevent circulation imbalance, promotes youthfulness and vitality, rejuvenates skin, increase stamina and promotes deep and restful sleep.

Starts From $89 – 60 mins | $129 – 90 mins | $169 – 120 mins

Chinese Style Massage

Chinese traditional full-body acupressure and healing massage technique that originated from ancient China with a long history of five thousand years and has been gaining popularity for its therapeutic effects.

Starts from $58 – 60 mins | $87 – 90 mins | $116 – 120 mins

Sports Massage

Have you been getting muscle pain after your workouts? A sports massage can be an effective treatment that will heal old injuries and prevent new ones using deep tissue massage technique. Recommended for athletes and people who are actively working out in sports.

Starts from $69 – 60 mins | $99 – 90 mins | $130 – 120 mins

Ear Refreshing /Guasa /Cupping

Ear candling services is an ear refreshing treatment designed to cleanse, open and relax the senses. Guasa is an ancient Chinese natural therapy (origin from over 2,000 years old) similar to massage. But instead of using their hands only, our therapists use special tools to scrape the skin of the back, buttocks, arms, legs, and etc for body detoxication effects. The benefits of cupping include local pain relief and muscle relaxation. Cupping improves overall health by removing the energy blockages that TCM practitioners identify as barriers to the flow of healthy energy or qi. For athletes, cupping may help increase blood flow to a particular muscle region or help reduce pain.

Starts from $28 – 30 mins

Foot Massage

Foot massage improves general health and well-being, boosting blood and qi circulation, and reducing stress. The massaging of the footbed is known to relieve stress, tension and pain from your feet, legs and back, head and etc.

Starts from $45 – 60 mins

Ovary Therapy Female

Ovary massage therapy for female can benefit women by increasing circulation to the ovaries, thereby improving ovulation and menstruation pain. Blocked fallopian tubes, which affect as many as 40 percent of women struggling with menstruation pain or infertility, may be reduced by this massage.

Starts from $98 – 60 mins | $138 – 90 mins | $178 – 120 mins